Product Code: A400E40 - 4 Port Analog PCI-E card + 4 FXS modules
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OpenVox A400E40

OpenVox A400E40 features four FXS ports. This card is modular, allowing you to interchange, remove or replace the ports as your network requires. The OpenVox A400E40 telephony card includes a PCI Express interface.

OpenVox's A400E series cards, including the A400E40, is compatible with available OpenVox FXS-100 and FXO-100 modules, and Digium X100M and S100M modules. This card is interoperable with many open source and proprietary platforms, including Asterisk, trixbox, Elastix and more.

OpenVox A400E40 4 FXS PCIe Card Quick Specs:

  • Number of FXS Ports: 4
  • Number of FXO Ports: 0
  • Expandable: Yes
    • Base Card: A400E series
    • Maximum Ports: 4
  • Echo Cancellation: No
  • Slot Type: PCI Express

OpenVox A400E40 Analog PCI Express Card Package Contents:

  • OpenVox A400E40 PCIe card
  • FXS modules (4)
  • FXO modules (0)

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